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For Companies
How does OnSite work?

OnSite allows you to create individual job postings that automatically return a list of suitable freelancers based on skill set, availability and location. You can then review their profiles, check out their work and contact them directly. We do not manage the booking process, hold you to any contracts or otherwise get involved in your business.

How much does OnSite cost?

Nothing. Whilst we continue to grow the platform OnSite is completely free to use.

Can freelancers contact us directly?

Freelancers can see posted jobs, and those that are a good match will be able to view your company website and state their interest in a position. You will be notified of interested freelancers via email and on the job results page. Only information about the job (excluding your guide price) and the company name are ever shown. No contact information is ever shared and unsuitable freelancers will be unable to either view the company website or state their interest.

Why can I not just search for freelancers directly?

We wanted OnSite to work as a two-way marketplace. Hiding all company activity from our database of freelancers does little to encourage regular visits and could easily lead to out-of-date profiles and availability. Whilst you remain in control as to who you contact, allowing freelancers to state their interest in a position saves you time and allows both parties to be active users.

Job results, what am I looking at?

Once you have completed a job posting you will be returned a sorted list of the best matched freelancers. For each freelancer you will see a skill score, availability information, day rate and icons representing whether a freelancer is in your favourites list (heart) and if they are interested in a position (tick). By default this list is ordered by overall best match, you can re-order this list for skills, availability, cost or filter it to only show favourites or interested freelancers.

How do day rates work?

When posting a job you enter a guide day rate (what you would like to spend). This allows you to easily determine who fits your budget from your matches. This figure is never publicly shown and we do not exclude freelancers from your matches based on cost. We don’t want to encourage a race to the bottom.

What if I don’t have any specific dates?

Don’t enter any when creating a job. The job will still be valid, and will return freelancers without checking for specific availability.

What if my job returns no matches?

If your job returns no matches, we have nobody in the database that matches your exact requirements. You can always widen the search by removing specific dates or allowing remote work. This is a curated site with only a limited number of freelancers granted access.

I’m a recruitment consultant, how do I gain membership?

You don’t.

For Freelancers
I applied to join, why have I not heard back yet?

We are inviting freelancers over time based on demand in skills and location, so you might still be on the waiting list. But, we are only admitting freelancers that have a portfolio of work that demonstrates a certain proficiency in their chosen fields. We are also only admitting freelancers whose identity we can reasonably verify. If your name, twitter account, email address and portfolio appear to have no connection, chances are you are not getting in. Due to the high number of applicants we will not be entering into correspondence relating to admissions.

What information of mine do you share?

All of the provided profile information will be shared with companies posting jobs you are matched with. All companies are verified and there are no recruitment agents. No information is shared outside of the OnSite platform.

How do I rate my skills?

Honestly. If you have basic knowledge in a subject, give yourself a basic rating. There are very few expert creative directors with 2 years experience. Our member companies are not idiots and if we receive reports of misrepresentation, you might lose your account.

How do I update my availability?

Simply mark the days, weeks or months that you are booked. They will be shown in red. You can do this from your edit profile page, or from your dashboard.

I have a full time job, but do evening and weekend work, is that ok?

In certain circumstances that is fine. You will not be qualified for any positions that require specific dates, but any job without such a requirement, where you are otherwise a good match, you will be free to state an interest in. Please keep your calendar blocked out though.

How do I state my interest in a job?

If you are suitably qualified for a position, there will be an ‘Interested?’ button displayed on the job page. Press it and the company will be notified of your interest. Do not, under any circumstances, contact companies directly. They will get in touch with you if they want to hire you. If we receive reports of freelancers contacting companies directly about positions advertised on OnSite, you will lose your account.

I am interested in a job but not qualified, what do I do?

Nothing. You might be the best PHP programmer in all of Belgium, but if a company wants someone on-site in New York, they don’t want an email from you. See above regarding the contacting of companies directly.