How it works

OnSite is a curated marketplace of freelance opportunities, matched to qualified, available talent. Below is a brief overview of the process. For more detailed information please see our FAQs.

Jobs and matches

Member companies post jobs – detailing the exact skills, location and dates they require – and a list of qualified freelancers are immediately returned. Freelancers are also notified by email.

At a glance see:

Skill match — does the freelancer have all the skills you require?
Availability — are they free on the required days?
Rate — their day rates, including local currency conversions.
Interest — are they interested in the position.

Freelancer profiles

Member companies can then review their matches, checking out portfolios, skills and work history, before contacting them directly. All profiles have to be complete before a freelancer becomes visible on the platform.

Profiles contain:

Details — location, rates, porfolio and biography.
Experience — the clients and companies they have worked with.
Work examples — recent projects, including clients and roles.
Availability — a full calendar showing current availability.
Skills — detailed individual skills.
Contact & social — Email, phone number & social links.


Member companies can ‘favourite’ the freelancers they like the look of or have used in the past. Here they can easily reference location, rate and up-to-date availability.

You can also:

Filter & sort — quickly organise your favourites.
Add notes — add private notes to your favourite profiles.
Search — find the freelancers your already know.

Job List

All jobs posted to OnSite are visible to approved freelancers along with indications of their suitability – required skills, dates and location.

Job Details

Job details contain a summary of the position in addition to information on required dates and skills. Qualified freelancers can state their interest in a job – this will alert the company via email.